Our goal is the provision of the highest level of service, which will equip you with the best possible training packages you require. All of our staff are highly qualified, and all our packages are designed by professionals in conjunction with academics in various industries, thus providing a unique combination....
Our mission is to contribute to the region's advancement and transformation to a Knowledge-based society through the provision of programs of the highest catibers which directly address the current needs and demands of both individuals and industry....
QACPE aims to make a difference, as we are committed to providing quality training, Continued search for excellence together with commitment to TOM applications in every single aspect of operations, has gained interlink instrumental advantage as the ultimate service provider of choice, and hence....


If it is not acceptable to hire an untrained pilot to fly an airplane, why allow an untrained individual to manage a team or lead an organization?
In today's competitive environment, Management has become a key ingredient of a successful organization. You need highly trained manager that make sound decisions in order to assure the success of your institution. Untrained and inexperienced managers, who claim to know it all, can no longer sustain your corporate success.

Our objective at the Qatari American Council for Professional Education (QACPE) is to train and build a generation of professional leaders who use the latest management skills, professional leadership techniques and most advanced technologies to lead teams, make sound decisions and grow their organizations to a successful future.

Whether you want to build an entire business strategy, enhance your team's management skills or develop more qualified professional managers within your company, QACPE is the right partner that can help you achieve your goals.
Finally, l would like to thank our satisfied customers for their confidence in QACPE and for their continuous engagement with our business. In fact, we promise them, and our new clients, that we will do our best to continue our efforts in making QACPE the highest quality most consistent professional management partner of choice.

Saad Ben Aissa
General Manager
Qatari American Council
For Professional Education

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