Connecting with a group in about an hour in order to inspire, educate, or raise an issue is the essence of a successful keynote speech. Whether you have a multi-day program with thousands of attendees or a smaller, more focused meeting, we can work with you to deliver a keynote that will engage participants and hep you achieve the goals you have set for the event.

Keynote Areas:
• Sales
• Leadership
• Networking
• Customer Services
• The Foundations of Motivation
• Productivity and Time Management
• Effective Writing

Executive Coaching:
A leader's actions affect far more people that just his or her direct reports. Therefore, having strong people in positions of influence is critical to the success of any organization.. Our executive coaching program is designed to help people in leadership positions identify and lever-age their strengths while recognizing areas in need of improvement. Over the course of six months, a coach will help the participant articulate professional goals and then set and stick to a plan to reach those objectives.

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