Our Goal

Our goal is the provision of the highest level of service, which will equip you with the best possible training packages you require. All of our staff are highly qualified, and all our packages are designed by professionals in conjunction with academics in various industries, thus providing a unique combination. This blend of vocational, personal and academic experience means that the training packages offered by QACPE are always of the highest quality, and we aim to constantly upgrade our courses and seminars to keep abreast of, and sometimes pre-empt, the latest trends in Management, Industry and Technology.

QACPE Code of Ethics
• I will recognize that management is a call to service with responsibilities to my direct reports, associates, supervisors, employer, community, nation and world.
• I will maintain honest relations with customers, suppliers, management and employees.
• I will recognize that, as a leader, my own pattern of work and life will exert more influence than what i say or write.
• I will give the same consideration to the rights and interests of others that i ask for myself.
• I will consider and look for value in the ideas and opinions of others.
• I will regard my role as a manager as an obligation to help others achieve personal and professional fulfilment.

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