Our Mission & Vision

Our mission: is to contribute to the region's advancement and transformation to a Knowledge-based society through the provision of programs of the highest calibres which directly address the current needs and demands of both individuals and industry.

Our Vision: We are one of the leading management training and consulting from that sets the highest standards of quality and service in the region, aiming at cultivating professional competence and providing effective business and human capital solutions.

Our vision and mission are based on a set of values to which QACPE associates ad-here

•  Know our customers and strive to surpass their expectations.
•  Keep customer satisfaction as the only viable measure of success.
•  Be the innovators in our business, presenting new ideas in topic and format to our customers.
•  Maintain a work environment that enhances entrepreneurial spirit, work ethics and teamwork within interlink.
•  Supporting different sectors by providing innovative solutions for their administrative and technical problems, present and future.
• Developing and creating the self-skilled person.


INNOVATION - We listen. We innovate. We respond. We are living in an era of constant and meaningful innovation which is critical to our commercial success. The training business environment is fiercely competitive. To be successful, it is imperative that we innovate within the training field to differentiate the QACPE brand and remain at the forefront of training.

OUALITY SERVICE - By paying close attention to the world around us, we develop an understanding with our customers, appreciating and meeting the needs of those we serve; clients, international consultants, stakeholders and employees. This is central to our commercial success.

INTEGRITY - lntegrity is woven deeply into the fabric of our company. lntegrity includes a willingness to do the right thing for our employees, the brand, the company in A society as a whole. Even when personal, professional and social risks or economic pressures confront us.
This principle of responsible commercial success is embedded in the company's experience. It is one of the reasons our customers and consultants trust QACPE.

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