Why we are different?

QACPE aims to make a difference, as we are committed to providing quality training, Continued search for excellence together with commitment to TOM applications in every single aspect of operations, has gained interlink instrumental advantage as the ultimate service provider of choice, and hence. AII of our staff are highly qualified, and all our packages are de-signed by professionals in conjunction with academics in various industries, thus providing a unique combination. This blend of vocational, personal and academic experience means that the training packages offered by QACPE are always of the highest quality.

ln addition that all our certificates is accredited from International Organizations, and also our qualified and experienced international instructors & Consultants, have been selected from UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, book writers and academic instructors. Some of them have started training in their specialized field for more than 30 years.

Our instructors & Consultants are certified from International Organizations, and they under-go rigorous selection process, to measure them against strict criteria, not only measuring their technical competence, but also their ability to deliver high quality training.

Resources available for QACPE training projects include a solid network of Subject Matter Experts (SME, is) who combine academic vigour and rigorous operational backgrounds. ln addition, our instructional teams having the ability to adapt to different types of cultural environments and can effectively transfer know- how across borders with ease. We, continuously build active relationships with prominent international organizations, associations, societies and universities, thus assuring you top quality delivery of our services, consistent with our operational philosophy.

We employ group of high level experts and consultants in different managerial field, consultation, training, researches and studies.

We strive for business excellence.

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